Whanganui Attracts Young People Who Love Sports and Art

Whanganui Attracts Young People Who Love Sports and Art

Whanganui – the small northern city of New Zealand is a great learning destination with art enthusiasts. New Zealand’s unique cultural cradle is Whanganui. Let’s find out what attractions the city has.

Discover the unique culture of the Maori

Whanganui was once the largest settlement of the Maori (New Zealand native) in the nineteenth century. Living and studying here, you will easily discover the unique, sacred Aboriginal culture and a great pride of New Zealand.

The city also maintains many historical monuments and museums to this day. Typical is the Whanganui Regional Museum – where you admire the Te Mata o Hoturoa dugout and the Maori historical artifacts.

Maori culture also has a special historical witness of the city – Whanganui river. This river is considered by Maori as a spiritual fulcrum in their spiritual life, a thinking companion, having life and soul like many others. Therefore, they have made efforts to turn the Whanganui River into the first river in the world as a “human” with full legal status.

Land of love hearts art

Not flashy or gimmicky, art like breath is blowing soul gracefully and harmoniously in every little detail in this city. Perhaps that is why Whanganui has attracted more than 400 artists to live and build a career here. At Whanganui, you will easily see galleries, shops or studios of artists in many fields, from music, photography, painting to ceramics or jewelry.

Healthy living thanks to healthy sportsmanship

Don’t think of the artistic hearts of the fragile Whanganui region, this land is still very hot in sports. The most obvious demonstration is the city’s number one achievement on the national Olympic ground level.

Whanganui is the city with the largest number of athletes achieving sports medals in the country. Thanks to the diverse nature from the hills, parks and rivers, Whanganui residents are enjoying the exciting outdoor sports activities: climbing, camping, fishing, etc. High schools in Whanganui also invest in facilities for many exciting sports.