Traditional Australian Aboriginal Artworks

Art has been an integral part of human life. Art helps express the spirit, the culture of each region. This article elaborates how art contributes to the Australian Aboriginal communities from the past to the present days including spiritually, ritually and physically Australian lifestyle.

Historical Perspective
Stem from the Australian aboriginal’s lifestyle, Australian artworks has been carved on rocks, leaves, etc… with basic shape to describe the life of aboriginal or important ancient stories. This is used to known as the Dream time – the period in which Indigenous believe the world was created.
The Dream time was the ancient time of human beings. It is supposed that the supernatural Ancestor beings created the world, the animals, natural elements and human.

Symbolic on Artworks
These artworks revoke the inner lives as well as secret rites among Australia’s indigenous people. As in this period, they have no written language of their own, and so they had to recounted the stories and information by hand with traditional symbol on rocks.
Story-telling feature significantly in artworks such as the female womb in X-ray style, dot, or horizontal, vertical stripes, sometimes sparsely or in clustered group.

There are also various methods to make those paintings. The Toowoomba engravings is the act of carving animals and humans, which is quite peculiar and not be found in elsewhere in Australia.
In contrast with the concept of art in European countries, Australian traditional aboriginal concept represents activities like dancing around the fire, ritual singing, body decorations. All of these activities were a part of Dreaming period and a normal daily life.
Australia is a multicultural country. Before the arrival of Europeans, there were many different cultural between regions. As a result, it is not surprising that different regions have their own aesthetic styles and it forms Australia Aboriginal Artworks till today. More and more Aboriginal Art Centers have been established throughout not only in Australia