Top 5 most prestigious Literature Awards in the world

Top 5 most prestigious Literature Awards in the world

Looking at the most prestigious Literature awards in the world, we can mention the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker, … These are noble titles that any writer hopes to receive in life.

Giller Prize

The Giller Prize  was established in 1994 by businessman Jack Rabinovitch to commemorate his wife as a journalist – writer Doris Giller. This is an annual award given to the Canadian author with the best English novel or short story volume of the year.
The winner will receive a $ 100,000 prize and 2 weeks of cultural and cultural experience at the Banff Center for Arts and Creation.
In 2016, with the work “Don’t say we have nothing” (Do Not Say We Have Nothing) , writer  Madeleine Thien won this noble award.

Nobel Prize for Literature

The most prestigious Literature award is the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize for Literature  is one of the six Nobel Prize groups established in 1901, and is awarded annually to any author from any country with their best work.
The Nobel Prize for Literature is used according to the will of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel and approved by the Swedish Academy. Results are announced in early October every year.
Since 2001, the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded a gold medal along with $ 1.4 million in prize money.
Some typical faces have won the Nobel Prize for Literature in recent years: Alice Munro (2013), Patrick Modiano (2014), Svetlana Alexievich (2015)
In 2016, the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan  for creating new poetic expressions in the American musical tradition. This result made the beloved fans of writer Haruki Murakami once again disappointed because their idols once again went empty-handed.

Costa Prize (Whitbread)

The  Costa Book Awards,  formerly known as the Whitbread, are awarded annually to writers living in the UK and Ireland. Established in 1971, this award honors “Best Books of the Year”. 
This award includes 5 categories: Poetry, Biography, Children’s Literature, First Novel, Best Novel. Each prize is worth £ 5,000. Out of the 5 winning works, the organizers will select an excellent book to award the book of the year worth $ 25,000.
In November 2016, the organizers announced the final list of the 2016 Costa Costa English Literature Prize. The final results will be revealed on January 3, 2017.

Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker International  Award is a Literature award awarded every two years to a living author of all nationalities with work published in English or translated into English, established in 2004 by Man. Group sponsored.
Prize winners will receive a prize of £ 50,000, and each author can only win once. 
With the novel  The Vegetarian , Korean female writer Han Kang won the 2016 International Man Booker Award on May 16.

The Miles Franklin Prize

The Miles Franklin is Australia’s largest Annual Literature Award honoring the best novel and drama about this life. This is an award founded by Miles Franklin as an Australian writer. The prize value is up to 60,000 USD.
With “The Way Natural of Things” , author  Charlotte Wood was named at the Miles Franklin Awards at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. Other winners include Tim Winton, Anna Funder, Steven Carroll and Thea Astely.