The Lion King 2019 – the journey of making films with virtual reality technology

The Lion King 2019 – the journey of making films with virtual reality technology

With the mission of bringing a completely new and different experience to a story that has become classic, the filmmakers of The Lion King have adopted the most advanced cinema technologies in Hollywood. Let’s join us to discover the journey of technology application from Disney masters.

Based on the classic storyline, the live-action version of the movie attracts audiences with talented voice actors, first-rate cinematic techniques, and epic soundtracks. On July 17, the movie-loving audience will once again be watching the lion Simba’s adventure on the big screen. The Lion King, the most popular movie title of 1994, will be recreated under the miraculous hand of director Jon Favreau (“The Jungle Book”), promising to be the next blockbuster not to be missed for the audience of all ages.

If you are a loyal fan of the animated version and have doubts about the comeback this time, let’s take a look at the 5 factors that guarantee the Lion King 2019 will be even more successful than the original. Newly released last weekend, the remake version of The Lion King – Lion King 2019 has collected over 531 million dollars worldwide after three days of premiere. In addition to being commented that the soul of the original is preserved, one of the reasons that the Lion King 2019 captures the love of cinema lovers is thanks to the extremely lively and true image.

To recreate the 1994 animated film masterpiece, director Jon Favreau, who was behind the 2016 Jungle Jungle blockbuster, assembled a team of top-notch design artists who received the Oscar award. in films like The Jungle Book, Avatar, Titanic …

Having always admired Walt Disney’s pioneering spirit, Favreau applied the most advanced innovations that had never been used before. Although it is a computer-made film, thanks to virtual reality technology, Favreau and filmmakers can step into a “virtual studio” and adjust traditional video equipment like cameras and lighting. . The new version of The Lion King – Lion King from Disney studios has directed us to a future where virtual reality technology can help filmmakers save money and effort to create. produce the most sophisticated and sophisticated movie scenes without any geographical or mechanical limitations.

And of course, besides the image, the voices of the characters are also extremely important. The film features the voice of talented voice actors: Donald Glover (as Simba), Beyoncé (Nala), Billy Eichner (Timon’s role), and Seth Rogen (as Pumbaa). In particular, different from movies, instead of recording in the studio, a stage has been set up for actors to be creative. This is the “secret” to help the film succeed in depicting the frame of human emotions in the most honest and humane way.