The Creation of Adam: Michelangelo’s Masterpiece of Art

The Creation of Adam: Michelangelo’s Masterpiece of Art

The Creation of Adam is a wall painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican City. This is an amazing art which depicts God giving life to Adam, the first man was created by Michelangelo around 1511.

Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo has astonished the world with 12,000m2 of wall paintings completed in 4 consecutive years. More than 300 characters and 9 central circumstances are taken from the Book of Revelation about God’s creation of the world, creation of mankind and, ultimately, the deluge and prophecy of the coming of Jesus. Among them, God gave life to Adam to be considered a central work, originating in the charming world with full of good and evil.

It can be seen that the image of God is described so real. God is described as a white-bearded old man, wearing a thin robe, displaying a strong, powerful body. Meanwhile, Adam seems to be soft in an adult’s body. From there, the touch made the ecstasy of the painting. Between the two hands seems to be only a thin stop at which the live power source masterpiece. The mystery of color is fulfilled when God created man according to his image. And, Adam’s face was filled with emotion when drawn to one side with eyes of endless gratitude.

The Creation of Adam

There is no doubt that, in order to represent space and scenery, Michelangelo had studied how and in detail in each character, whether it is the main or the sub. In addition to Adam and the character of God, the angelic crowd behind him was also described thoroughly from the muscles to the depths of the insightful vision – the norm of Renaissance art. On their faces also expressed the longing to wait for the moment of ecstasy, for a perfect copy of God to be born. This feat of Michelangelo is considered a great connection between sculpture and painting. Blocks seem to be touching between space, with color and brilliant beliefs about human regeneration.