Taylor Swift shares the reason for keeping her relationship with her boyfriend secret

Taylor Swift shares the reason for keeping her relationship with her boyfriend secret

The “cardigan” vocalist has been dating Joe Alwyn for over three years. But the female singer has so far been comfortable talking about the relationship.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Taylor Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn – a British actor one year younger than her – since 2017. Recently, the female singer shared with the media a love story in her secret.

Talking to legend Paul McCartney in a special issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor Swift said she had to find ways to keep her private life private.

“I know he has done a great job in his personal life: creating a private life even as a public figure. It’s even more scary when we meet someone and fall in love, especially when the other has a normal lifestyle, ”she told former Beatles member.

She continued: “I can control my actions and behavior when I’m overly concerned. But I can’t control if there are 20 photojournalists outside, hiding in the bushes. Questions like “What do they do?”, “Do they track our cars?”,”Do they affect our lives?” keep haunting my mind. And I could not control myself even if I read a false headline about us on the next day news.

Taylor Swift also revealed to Paul McCartney that she received complete sympathy from Joe Alwyn for the troubles that his girlfriend’s popularity could bring.

However, from getting to know Joe Alwyn until deciding to date actor The Favorite, she has made many decisions that make life easier, instead of creating easily-reported stories.

“No matter where it is a simple decision like where to live, go out with someone, when I’m not allowed to take pictures, I just want to try to find a bit of normal in life,” Swift said and revealed that the song peace Her new folklore album is meant to allude to this.

International media reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating since May 2017, but some sources claim that they have been in love since late 2016.

In early 2018, there was news that Alwyn and Swift moved to live together. But in fact, the singer only rented a house in London (UK) to stay near her boyfriend.