Summer Sneaks

Summer is the supreme time to be a sneakerhead. Instantly all your weather fears fade, and the sun brings out heat from your finest footwear. The crepe craze has taken city streets and fashion weeks by storm, being a tread-head is a year round job so kick back as we take you through our all-star line up for the warmer months.

Nike Mayfly QS

For a shoe whose name refers to a creature with an extremely short lifespan, the Nike Mayfly has been out there for a good while. The swoosh originally dropped these dainty sneaks in 2004 but they made their debut with a facelift in 2013, where we saw the silhouette gain a second win by arriving in four monotone suede Quickstrikes. Your choice of black, navy, brown or silver styles have all the neutral bases covered with each riding on crisp white soles. Since the original release, the premium sneaker has taken on a more lifestyle approach and features a woven element instead of the print design it once had. Becoming a perfectly executed shoe.

The Mayfly was way ahead of its time before the Lunarlon and lightweight craze with the Hyperfuse. They are feather light weighing just a few ounces – it is like air, perfect for summer. The beautiful woven side panel construction running right through the whole length of the shoe is eye-catching without being overwrought. From the buttery suede to the leather-moccasin-like toe box to the premium effects of leather lining finishing off with waxed laces, we love the way the look almost as much as the way they feel. Certainly no other shoe quite hits the style/comfort sweet spot like these!

A pop of on point colour, minimal yet bold branding and, a light and airy feel for summer seasons. The clean design makes it extremely easy to wear the sneakers with anything from an oxford button down to simple striped t-shirts. Even Tinie Tempah was seen sporting the silver Mayfly at the Brit Awards earlier this year, teamed up with a petrol grey suit, proving an easy transition from the beach to the city.


Adidas ZX Flux Multi Prism


Adidas has the summer solution for your sneaker game this season. The new member of the ZX family has been completely stripped down to its bare bones creating a canvas for creativity and story telling. Coming from the concept of the ZX 8000 the crepes layers have been peeled back confirming how Adidas are in the lead with inventive new technology and inborn clean style. Giving devotees a style conscious and high-spirited shoe representing minimalism.

Adidas is branching out this year doing a lot more than the three stripe that we have always seen; the three hash marks on either side are a great switch up. Equipped with a Torsion bar sole system (some technical jargon for you), the sneak helps create a counterbalance between the forefoot and the heel, acting almost like a bridge to transfer the weight of the wearer back and forth, structured and comfortable for the long summer days. The ZX turned heads at Berlin Fashion Week bombarding the runway with its multi colour mosaic pixilation; it is an all-round mix and match with anything and everything. The creative flash of colours works well with the black accents and white midsole outsole. Finishing off with white laces for summer time, it is an appealing offset.

The vibrant geometric pattern has made some real hype complementing and contrasting colours, reminding us of the 64 Crayola Crayons that we got as a kid (once we branched out past the 24 of course). Not only are lighter spring tones used ranking them up to royalty for summer, we come across resort swimming pool blue, bubblegum pink, forest greens and brave browns amongst the triangles. A garden of colours.

Adidas are unveiling its newest feature – Adidas ID. Any photo or picture you chose will become the entire print of the sneak, this customizable ZX Flux design is unlike anything anybody has ever seen, truly dope and super popular over the summer months. The motif for the shoe is an eye-popping character; the colourway is infinitely out of control. Flux has brought Adidas back into the sneaker spotlight!

Nike x Liberty London Air Max 1

Floral prints made famous by the luxury British fashion house Liberty of London have brought obsession and mania to Nike once again. Nike has revived its best-loved icons giving us statement footwear for a cool summer look rooted in culture. The illustrative explosion of prints has graced Blazers, Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Roshe Run and has put a feminine spin on Dunks!

Ranging from folksy florals to pretty paisley, each style, from the mix of heritage and contemporary, has been wrapped up in Liberty London’s signature textile patterns. Nikes inspiration choices were; Anoosha, a 1930s print featuring blossom and bell flowers; Lora, a print based on a 1970s version of William Morris’ “Willow” pattern; and Crown, a design based on various paisley block prints from Liberty’s Merton print works, a love triangle for textile and print geeks. This heritage look embodies Nikes spearheading accomplishments. It is a fashion breakthrough. Form, function and design set new standards while the obsessive focus on product detail. The Air Max 1 reflects the very character of the Liberty collection. The colour palette shines through, this sneak will definitely turn some heads, Liberty has made their mark, this is a shoe to be recognised.

Contrasting patterns can add interest to your outfit so don’t be afraid to be bold with your choice as opposites attract. However pairing with plainer apparel, like a neutral bomber, will give maximum impact keeping the focus on the shoe, and lets face is there is nothing to compete with the noise of the Liberty canvas. It is particularly versatile. The Air Max 1 hasn’t been this big since the 80s, an all-around multi-talented sneak.

Originally the Liberty collection released in women’s sizes, (Hurrah! No more insoles!), however I myself have seen guys instantly stop and cop. The denim collaboration gives a unisex appeal, and Nike being a sportswear powerhouse that towers above the sneaker world, any sneakerhead would want to cop the Air Max 1s for a sunny season. Nike have taken a huge amount of effort with the AM1 and nonetheless delivered a perfect timeless addition to the Liberty gang. Unique materials are used through the shoe right from the toe-box to the vibrant orange air bag to the vintage canvas mudguard. Lighter shades of denim fit well with the blue evening skies, these kicks have adventure written all over them. As if that wasn’t enough to assert culture, Nike has thrown in some rustic rope laces bringing a bohemian feel to the sneaker. The AM1 is nothing short of being an authentic cult classic.


Asics Gel Lyte III ‘CMYK Pack’

Inspired by the art of painting Asics kick-start our spring summer with their ‘Primary Colours Pack’. Consisting of three iconic styles, Gel Saga, Gel Lyte III and GT-II, each is a bright stroke to add into your wardrobe for the hot season. Vivid shades are playing out this summer and Asics have taken key colourways up a notch with pantone primaries.

These canary yellow joints were released as a part of the CMYK Pack, if you’re not familiar; CMYK is a colour printing process using cyan, magenta, yellow and key or black which is where the inspiration originated from, suitably summer colours. Canary yellow features a full tonal upper and an additional feature is the mustard premium suede. The contrasting white midsoles give the kick a fresh look and the polka dot liners referencing the printing process are a unique touch too. What we love about this kick is that it is especially light, Asics have thrown in tiny hits of black which maybe an acquired taste, but personally I think the kick pulls them off with ease whilst maintaining the light coloured shoe.

Enhance your trendsetter credentials and join the block party. Brash colours will be everywhere this summer, be bold and brave to carry these kicks off. With trainers this bright you want to keep the rest of your look muted to minimize clashes. Now since these Gel Lytes have tapped into the colour-blocking trend, they are kicks that you want to keep VNDS – very near dead stock! The popping colour palette is sharp, if it was me I would want to keep them in the finest condition. They are made to be bright, fresh and clean with its light colour so keep its purpose and take extra care as the seasons change, make sure they go into hibernation as they are unquestionably, a summer kick.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski ‘Blue Digi Floral’


Nike SB indulges in arguably the most popular skateboarding shoe of the past few years. From the mind of a pioneering skate legend comes the ‘Blue Digi Floral’ the most profuse pattern presented. This unique approach is yet to be seen on any other skate shoe out there. Stefan Janoski is well known for his signature shoe model and has been delivering summer colourways and prints non-stop hitting a real success.

Nike enthusiasts have shown a ton of love for the Digi Blue needless to say Janoski has really gone all out and made something special. When the first Floral Janoskis came out (Digi Floral Pink), the SB following made some serious noise, and for good reason too, it was definitely contemporary cool. Although many copped a pair the Digi Blue were like treasure since they are very much valued by the sneaker community.

The SB shoe has canvas upper that remixes desert tans and browns into a camouflage mishmash. With traces of the signature Janoski floral design, blue digitilased flowers highlight the shoe beautifully. On the bottom Nike have added the clean white sole and a sleek white stitched swoosh which plays off the unique mishmash of pixilation perfectly.

If you were able to scoop these on their release, you already know they are huge for the summertime. Whether you are sporting them for their purpose or hosting a BBQ on a perfect summer evening, for your own take on the sports luxe trend, pair the Digi Floral with pin rolled pants, camo runners are a low-risk way to add a kick of daring to a plain and preppy outfit. Or, for us girls, adopt the whole sneaker- skater dress look. This particular shoe, the ’ Blue Digi Floral’ Janoski, is one that will cause to necks to break.

Summer brings the opportunity to be more playful and sneaks are the ideal way to introduce colour and pattern to your ensemble. Now it is that time of year, where the heavens open and our sunny expectations are high for us to rock our heat for the season without worrying about Mother Nature. Pops of colour dominate these warmer months so make sure you slay your sandals for upstaging kicks. The sneaker world is overflowing with hype, legends have been rediscovered and sneaks have undeniably evolved this year becoming blatantly ahead of the footwear game. A firm fashion faveourite for all!