Sports shoes “turn” unique artwork through Phil Robson’s hand

Sports shoes “turn” unique artwork through Phil Robson’s hand

Even though the trend of “sabotaging sneaker” encounters conflicting opinions, British artist Phil Robson has been extremely successful in transforming this trend into conceptual works of art.

Through the combination of sneaker shoes and other accessories and clothes, artist and and also the “father” of FILFURY – Phil Robson has shown his passion for hiphop, British music culture. , sportswear and sneaker types.

The works from sneakers that are “reconstructed” into skulls, insects and Robson’s weapons and animals, the rich imagination and unique creation helped him attract attention. and cooperating with major brands such as Nike, adidas, Foot Locker, Reebok and many others. Join us to learn more about Phil Robson’s life, inspiration and future plans!

Robson officially started his artistic career in 2003, but he said his passion came from the days when he was a teenage boy. Not only inspired by fashion, music and British cultures, travel trips and migrations have also greatly influenced Robson’s artwork.

Although Robson is at the peak of his career when he collaborates with popular brands like adidas, Nike, G-shock, size ?, Jordan … but for him, the most passionate thing is when he is created. Your own artwork, with inspiration coming naturally, regardless of the customer or any topic.

Robson said he is a sneakerhead and this is why his works are always related to sneakers. Rob shared: “But this is just the beginning. I have many other inspirations and I also want to create more artworks from other fashion items. ”Currently, Robson’s favorite shoes are Nike VaporMax. But on rainy days in the United Kingdom, Robson often opted for Sneaker Boots 90s and 95s. In addition, he also loves Air Max 1.

Robson’s inspiration in addition to stylish sneaker shoes is also insects and skull motifs. He said his passion for graphics made him want all his works to be symmetrical. Skulls and insects have helped Robson’s art selection a lot.

Currently, Robson is preparing for his upcoming personal art exhibition, in the future Phil also plans to create more musical works inspired by music, in addition he is also up. plans for other artistic aspects, sculptures.