Sports Shoes & Sneaker: New Female Asian Celebrities’ Favorite Item

Sports Shoes & Sneaker: New Female Asian Celebrities’ Favorite Item

The world of sports shoes 2019 is opened by a series of impressive versions appearing in the fashion week series. Sneakers have heated the world of fashion and the sneakerhed community with a range of unique designs as well as handshakes between designers and popular sneaker brands. In particular, many Asian celebrities are not out of the charm of these sneakers!

HyunA, a famous Korean solo artist, is a big fan of Converse sneakers. This is a classic brand of American youth in particular and the world in general. She often wears stylish sneakers with simple shorts and T-shirts. Beautiful people once said there are up to 20 sneakers of the company with many different colors.

South Korean singer Yuna (ITZY, the hottest new girl group this year) has mixed pink “sweet candy” Converse sneakers with denim overalls and a white T-shirt. At just 16 years old, the youngest of ITZY has been taller than 1.7m and has been attracted by Korean media for fashion styles.

Jennie (Blackpink) is stylish when mixing black Converse turtlenecks with wide tube linen pants and asymmetrical tops. Not only Kpop stars, many Chinese celebrities also fall in love with sneakers. Chinese actor Yuan San San was praised by the audience on Weibo for his black crop-top, jeans and olive green Converse sneakers.

Ouyang Nana, Taiwanese beauty, wears a black sweater and black and white floral skirt when wearing personality sports shoes. Converse has brought typical basketball shoes to the arena since 1900, which has since been associated with basketball stars like Charles H. Taylor, Wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan. Ouyang Nana also mixes blue Converse sneakers with two halter skirts of the same color. She made a point with a buttoned shirt on the outside. The overall outfit gives Na Na looks youthful and modern.

Vicki Zhao is younger than 42 years old thanks to his liberal and active fashion style. She promoted a fashion style with Converse sneakers, ripped denim shorts and a button-discolored shirt. Victoria is more active when matching a monochrome t-shirt with a black wool cardigan, denim pants and classic Converse sneakers.