Sand Painting – An Art Form Challenging The Creativity Of Artists

Sand Painting – An Art Form Challenging The Creativity Of Artists

To us, painting sand is still a new subject right? How many people know that it has also been included in the curriculum of some universities in the world? Many of you think that drawing with pen is often difficult, drawing with sand is harder. However, sand painting artists are constantly learning to give us beautiful pictures by all their heart and passionate about sand.

In addition to sculpture in the sand, people often create art by sprinkling sand color to create a completely vivid picture. Some people just use the sand that creates strange shapes only.

The paintings on the sand must have made you crazy then it does not. But if you discover the history of sand painting,  you will be surprised. In the world, sand painting art has long existed. Sand painting has been applied as an art course in many universities around the world such as India, Tibet, United Kingdom, Japan favored by their uniqueness and most impressive. Some localities regard this as a mystical religion. We use a glass of white light from the bottom up, then use your hands to sand spread to create a masterpiece. However, the unique point of this art is how we transform the figures and characters in the picture to make them a profound and meaningful story.

Kseniya Simonova, 24, won the prize with a prize worth £ 75,000 (equivalent to nearly $ 2.5 billion) gives viewers an extremely moving story with sand paintings. As successive sand paintings, Kseniya brought in a very real way the lives of innocent people during World War II.

With graceful drawing, fast and slow, at the speed of time as rush hurriedly mixed with melodies, lively sound, when light, when noisy, loud … People see as Went into another dimension, touched, painful and unexpected. Through Kseniya’s hands, the tear-shaped faces became strangely bizarre … making the applause never cease.

Surely, no one ever thought that the grain of sand would bring a unique art that makes the world so passionate. To say that human creativity is infinite and also one of the unique creativity of man.