Regularly Going to the Theater or Museum Will Help Extend Your Lifespan

Regularly Going to the Theater or Museum Will Help Extend Your Lifespan

Researchers at University College London found that people who participated in art every few months had a 31% lower risk of premature death than those who didn’t. According to CN, even going to the theater or museum 1-2 times a year helps lower the risk of 14%.

This is a result of a review of data of 6,000 British adults aged 50 and over on frequency of artistic participation including exhibits, concerts and operas but without cinema. No was measured at the start of the study in 2004 to 2005 and was monitored for an average of 12 years thereafter. Time of death was taken from data from the British National Health Service (NHS).

CNN said the study published in the journal BMJ looked at a range of economic, health and social factors to try to explain why there is an association between art and longevity. Accordingly, part of the reason comes from the economic and social differences between people who come and do not come to museums, exhibitions and art galleries.

The team believes that wealth explains about 9% of the connection. Differences in awareness, civil society and civic engagement, mental health, mobility, disability and deprivation also play a role. Things like free time and career status make no difference.

Engaging in art can act as a buffer against stress and build creativity, which allows people to adapt to changing circumstances. It also helps people build social capital, get access to emotional support and information faster.

If this study adds more evidence, we will have an increasingly rich picture of how art benefits health. It can have many benefits and support a healthier and longer life

This study does not consider the impact of participation in art-related activities. However, a World Health Organization review of available evidence published earlier this year showed that both reception participation such as museum visits and active participation such as singing in the choir all have health benefits.