Parkour – The art of the street

Parkour – The art of the street

The image of young people jumping over cars, through gentle fence walls on crowded streets of big cities, is no longer a new image. These seemingly gentle and simple movements, they are honored as an art and art of Parkour.

General introduction

Parkour (another name in Free running) is almost like a sport but it is not considered a sport, almost like a dance but it is not classified in the same group with this type, it is quite the direction of martial arts but there is no “relative” to martial arts.
Like breakdance, hip hop, parkour is considered an art in the modern world of young people. The main feature of parkour is that the implementer must move maturely through jumps, acrobatics … on different uneven terrain. This move must be done very quickly.
Parkour artists consider it an art that helps people feel the true connection between body, soul and living environment. Practicing basic skills – Cap leaps, Tic Tac and dance is the only way to master this art and avoid practice injuries.

For many people, Parkour is an adventurous sport, many others call it martial arts, some say Parkour is a combination of both. Looking at the comfortable and free steps of Parkour artists, few people know how much effort they have to put into practice to be able to dance smoothly and beautifully.

Forging parkour for practice, perseverance. Inexpensive, requiring no expensive training equipment, Parkour learners need only a good teacher and a little imagination can start an art, an exciting new sport. Inexpensive, requiring no expensive training equipment, Parkour learners who only need a light, comfortable pair of sneakers can participate in this artistic adventure.

To join the parkour group, players must be in good health and adventurous. A special feature in parckour is the efficiency in moving. In other words, how to best move from position to position, based solely on the strength of the body and the flexibility to avoid obstructions in the environment. And according to many young people, parkour is the conquest by moving through the challenges that lie ahead.

The fast-paced steps, acrobatics, overcoming obstacles, non-body and constantly running non-stop …., all of these images have partly said a new sport .

Unlike other sports, parkour is not only practiced in public areas (such as skateboarding, roller skating …), parkourers can practice at the gyms, parks, and other parks.

Many reckless parkourers practice in dangerous high altitudes (like tall buildings …). Parkour and David Belle also say that such goods are not recommended.

Parkout doesn’t belong to any sport we’ve ever known, although we see them very familiar, in promotional clips, in an action movie, game or in a music video, scenes of running, jumping, climbing with high speed and flexibility plus a bit of music’s sound are sure to have a strong impression on viewers, especially young people.