“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”: The brightest candidate for the Oscar 2019

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”: The brightest candidate for the Oscar 2019

After Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was released, critics did not spare the compliment for the work, they called it a realistic picture of the world’s most cinematic capital in the 60s. At the 2019 Cannes International Film Festival, the entire audience stood up and applauded the excellent film. This was enough to see the influence of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and of course, the film was also named for this year’s Oscar nominee.

Talking about the revenue side, surely Once Upon A Time In Hollywood could not be compared to brand franchises, hit superhero movies. Saying that doesn’t mean the movie is not profitable, the movie is still selling thanks to box-by-box surnames like director Quentin Tarantino, actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt. But ignoring the revenue problem, the film is definitely a work of art. And with a prestigious award ceremony like Oscar, art is the criterion for evaluation.

With nearly 3 hours in the theater, the audience easily felt puzzled without focusing on every detail. Remember that Quentin’s movies have never been easy to see, he always has his own storytelling, new and only attracted to people who really love cinema art.

The beauty of the movie is probably the identification of the main character. If in regular movies, we usually know the main character line easily, with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, we must pay close attention to the topic that the story is about. Here, not Leonardo DiCaprio, nor Brad Pitt, the main character is actually the Hollywood movie capital and its transformation. Perhaps that’s why people call Once Upon A Time In Hollywood the love letter of their Quentin masterpiece for Los Angeles lovers.

In that movie capital, everything changes every hour. Stars like Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio) also face two scary “dead-end” characters, stuntmen like Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), who are also invisible to the shadows. Why, the poets like Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie plays) cannot have a name without the director’s hand. Quentin’s 1969 story of building Hollywood became too real, but still has a poetic trait that made the audience wonder about a past golden age but still enjoy the director’s novelty.
It must be added that this is a film without climax, not because the movie is boring, but because maybe every movie can become a climax. And with the Oscar award, this is definitely the biggest plus. The audience believed that even if the film was not nominated for the Best Film Award, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood could still be most likely to be nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay.