Kanye West went mad on social media

Kanye West went mad on social media

Singer Kanye West posted a series of criticisms of the Universal record label on Twitter, saying the music industry viewed the artist as “slaves”.

On September 16, Kanye West took a copy of the contract with the host record label and a series of commitments between the two sides posted on social networks. The singer said that he was being exploited by the record label, calling on the artists to stand up to protest. “This moment will change the music industry. I feel fortunate to be in a position to speak up,” wrote West.

The singer likened the music industry and the NBA to “modern day slavery,” when artists and athletes were squeezed out to make money for their bosses. He also posted a urination video on the Grammy gold statue to show his objection. West compared himself with the biblical prophet Moses to his will to be the messiah.

Earlier this week, Kanye West announced not to release new music until the contract with Sony and Universal. He also posted a series of statements criticizing the music industry, saying that contracts with artists should be simpler. The singer even mentioned Taylor Swift and Drake, who had confronted him, expecting them to join the fight.

The singer claims to do his best to change the artists’ contracts, starting with claiming ownership of the original record copyright. He also criticized Universal for refusing to sell ownership of the songs. “They don’t say the price because they know I can afford it,” West wrote on Twitter.

In January 2019, Kanye West sued EMI, which owns the copyrights of his songs since 2003. After that, he sued a series of record labels that had cooperated such as Roc-a-Fella Records, UMG Recordings. , Def Jam and Bravado International Group. In March 2019, EMI sued West because he wanted to unilaterally terminate the contract. The two sides reached a mediation agreement out of court earlier this year. Kanye West was born in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He started singing in 1996 and became one of the most successful artists of the 21st century, selling more than 140 million records. In April, Forbes magazine confirmed that the singer won the title of billionaire, owning assets of about 1.3 billion USD. The singer is currently running for US President.