Justin Bieber’s 10-Year Career Before Getting Married

Justin Bieber’s 10-Year Career Before Getting Married

Although his career has ups and downs,  Justin Bieber still holds a prominent position in Hollywood.

Pop star Justin Bieber has just married Hailey Baldwin. Looking back on his 10-year career, it seems like getting married right now is the right thing to do. Because right now, Justin Bieber has everything, ups and downs have passed, now he has grown up, of course, getting married is natural.

11 years ago, there was a YouTube star that emerged as a phenomenon. At the age of 13, Justin started covering the famous R&B hits that day on Youtube. Justin probably did not expect that one day he will become a global pop star.

Justin Bieber was discovered and trained by singer Usher, which paved the way for an illustrious career. In 2009, Justin Bieber officially debuted with his first lead single titled “One Time”, then shortly after his debut album “My World”. These early products still have the appearance of an innocent boy.

But not until “My World 2.0” version, Justin’s career really took off. His first hit, “Baby“, was a huge success worldwide, becoming a huge phenomenon of Youtube in 2010. The record that it has left now is still hard to break. Justin rose to prominence and became one of the young names to be honored to perform at the top stage of Madison Square Garden. It is almost an expectation that so many young artists want to achieve at their debut.

Referring to Justin Bieber, we will immediately think of the noisy public opinion coming from the rebellion of puberty. Justin Bieber is famous for his once-party frenzy parties and his love story with Selena Gomez.

Step through the “Purpose”, Justin Bieber poses like a mature man muscular adult child. The rebellious young man of the past seems to have learned to think more critically. Going through this stage, his music has also reached maturity. No more fooling with love music, this time Justin Bieber made music deeper about the artist’s inner self.

It’s been over 3 years and people don’t see Justin Bieber making new music anymore. Is it also just the songs co-workers invite fellow collaborators. Fans are still waiting forever for a monumental solo performance like his previous golden age. Despite a stagnant music career, Justin is still one of the top 25 artists in the world. Justin Bieber is at the safe stage of his career. The wedding at this moment is a mark for his career.