How Were First X-Men Stars After 19 Years?

How Were First X-Men Stars After 19 Years?

Hugh Jackman became Hollywood’s top star, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen worked steadily at age 70 while Rebecca Romijn and Famke Janssen career went down.

Launched in 2000, the X-Men caught the attention of a global revenue of 296 million. Successful work paved the way for the series of mutants with a total revenue of $ 5.78 billion. After 19 years, the movie star has many changes in life and career. None of the early pillars starred in Dark Phoenix – the film that closed the mutant cinematic universe that was released in June this year.

Patrick Stewart incarnated Charles Xavier as Professor X who founded the school for mutants. The character has the ability to read and control the minds of others while being paralyzed. Stewart was born in 1940 and is a veteran actor with more than 60 years of filming. After X-Men, he was attached to the film brand for mutants for the next 17 years, during which the most praised performance was in Logan (2017).

At the age of 79, amateurs still work hard, there are three movies released this year: The Kid Who Would Be King, Charlie’s Angels and The Gift. At the same time, Stewart starred in the Star Trek series: Picard starring Picard – the character he had shown in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2013, he married for the third time with Sunny Ozell, a singer born in 1978.

Ian McKellen (born 1939) plays Magneto who is a metal control mutant, Xavier’s friend and rival for many years. In addition to the X-Men series, he is also known for his role as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings franchise. The actor received two Oscar nominations with the Gods of Monsters (1998, male lead) and The Fellowship of the Ring (2001, male). In 2019, he re-appeared in two films, The Good Liar and Cats.

Ian McKellen has been openly gay since 1988. He works for the benefit of the LGBT community for many years. Since 2006, he has discovered prostate cancer but said he had control of the disease. On his personal page, he said he will hold more than 20 drama shows in London this year to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Wolverine who is a mutant capable of recovering the body after a trauma is a landmark role in the career of Hugh Jackman, which turns Australian amateurs into A-rank stars. for 17 years. In addition, Jackman participated in many major projects such as The Prestige (2006), Les Misérables (2012) and Prisoners (2013).

Farewell to the X-Men brand after Logan (2017), Jackman caught the attention of The Greatest Showman – a hit music film with a gross of over $ 400 million worldwide. In addition to acting, amateurs have many successes in music and musicals. In 2004, he won the Tony Award – honoring Broadway musical artists. This year, he made his first world tour, including 88 sessions from May to October, mainly performing the soundtrack songs The Greatest Showman. In his private life, Jackman was praised for his long love with actor Deborra-Lee Furness (married in 1996). After she had miscarriage twice, they adopted two children.