How the Queen Biopic Come to Life

How the Queen Biopic Come to Life

Since the release of the teaser trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, the new Queen biopic, was released this May – it seemed as if the entire world got what they were asking for. Rami Malek, the star in the hit television show Mr. Robot, was cast to play Freddie Mercury and watching the transformation was nearly magical. Although, while the movie may seem to be going smoothly from the new teasers that were being released – there seem to be constant issues that were happening behind the scenes before filming was completed. A few of these issues were casting related issues that actually went public and caused additional stress on top of trying to cram an entire story of one of the most legendary bands in the world in a two-hour film. On top of that, with the departure of the original director of the film, the producer, Graham King simply said while it was frustrating, despite that though, he was quite confident that he was going to get this movie made.

The thought if having an official Queen movie was started nearly a decade ago where the previous guitarist of the band, Brian May, teased about a potential Queen movie where Sacha Baron would be playing the role of the lead singer. Though, talks of this died down as quickly as they started. The real reason why this idea was tossed out was that May disliked how Howard Stern was going to go about the movie – the original plan being having Mercury die of Aids halfway into the film and showing how the band continued on during the second half of the film. Although since then, King has denied these claims as he never wanted a white actor to play the role of Mercury and wasn’t going to want to kill him off halfway during the movie.

Ben Winshaw plays the role of the lead singer

However, after almost choosing Ben Winshaw to play the role of the lead singer, the co-producer found a clip of Malek playing Mercury and both of the producers decided he was the best fit for the challenging role. After Malek was found, no one else was even considered. Though Malek was floored when he realized that he was chosen for the part of playing Freddie, as he stated, he was so shocked while bursting with excitement at the same time. In preparation for playing the role of Mercury, Malek had to do hours of homework on the Queen star. Which means spending a countless amount of time researching and even going as far as to talk to original members of the band, Brian May and Roger Taylor, about how Freddie was as a person.

Although, the production of the biopic was stopped due to the original director, Bryan Singer, leaving. While there is no official statement saying why rumor has it that it was due to constant clashing with the crew and cast of the movie. While another director stepped in to finish it, Dexter Fletcher – Singer will still get all of the credit.

Nevertheless, the show is going to go on and the film is expected to be released on November 2nd.