How Casinos Decorate Their Interiors

How Casinos Decorate Their Interiors

Casinos use a number of tips and tricks to prolong the time you spend gambling, but they’re not quite as ominous as you may have been led to believe. There is an enduring myth that casinos pipe oxygen onto the gaming floors to keep players fresher for longer, but beyond some powerful air conditioning systems designed to keep players cool, these simply don’t exist.

However, there are some subtle changes made to the interiors of land-based casinos that are designed with players in mind.

Comfortable and Cosy

Casinos are designed with complete comfort in mind. They want you to feel at home and not rushed. We are more likely to feel uncomfortable when we’re not at home and as a result, we’re more likely to leave if we need to rest and relax. But if the casino can provide those same benefits, we won’t feel like we need to leave and will gamble more.

As noted in this Jackpot City Casino review, this is a trend that online casinos have also tried to replicate, which is one of the reasons mobile gambling has taken  in the last few years. After all, if you’re using a mobile device, you can gamble everywhere from your bed to your sofa, providing complete comfort!

This is why the best casinos in the world spend millions on ensuring comfort, from relaxing lounge areas to time-out pods and more.

Time and Pressure Free

While “piped oxygen” is a myth, the idea that casinos hide clocks is not. They don’t want you to feel pressured by obligations, so they use careful lighting and clock placement to ensure that everything looks the same at noon as it does at midnight.

The world outside may be black and unwelcoming, but inside the casino, it’s bright, happy, and lively. There is no time limit here and in most cases, the casino never sleeps.

A Maze

Another way that casinos keep you gambling is to create a series of narrow hallways and maze-like corridors that lead onto vast and seemingly endless gaming areas. It’s like an extreme, interactive IKEA.

The goal is not for you to get lost—no one wants that. Instead, the casino wants to control your perspective, to ensure that you’re looking at the tempting slot machines or table games, as opposed to the exit. Similar techniques are used by supermarkets to increase sales and turnover and they work very well on gamblers.