House decoration rules create your own style

House decoration rules create your own style

Don’t let the messy and boring space of your house make you sigh after a tiring day at work. Decorate your home your own way so that every day living in your home is filled with excitement.

The house is like a wardrobe, the decoration it will express your personal style. However, home decor also has rules to follow. In order not to make the house worse than it was before you touched, refer to the suggestions in this article.

  1. Make your house your own
    Start with a blank sheet of paper and show your individuality what you like. If you have a passion for music or art, make it the highlight of the room. If you love to cook, invest in professional cooking utensils and kitchen cabinets that you will want to use for a long time.

Choose a few key home decor items so you can create more space. At the same time, it also creates a more modern feel while reflecting your own style.

2. Light up the space

Light can create or disrupt space. Many modern spaces tend to install a large number of ceiling lights, this uniform light cannot create any effect.

Using a variety of table lamps, tree lights and floor lamps around the space will allow you to control the atmosphere you want to achieve.

3. Dressing for walls
Be brave when you want to repaint the room. If you have a burning desire for an ink black bedroom, don’t hesitate.

It is important that you live with one wall color for a long time, so it is absolutely worth to buy as many vases of paint samples, paint as much as possible on paper and pin them to try before painting the wall. Considering the colors at different times, you’re sure you like it regardless of day or night.

4. Fit is important when decorating your home
Maximize your space with fitted furniture. Fill the floor-to-ceiling gaps with the largest furniture possible, painting them with the same wall color to create a sense of exaggerating space.

Similarly, the mirror should fit the wall from the floor to the ceiling. Stores often choose this to create a more spacious feel, and it also looks great when decorating a home.