Famous songs about feminism

Famous songs about feminism

Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Cardi B … have confirmed the power of feminism with music over the past decade.

Bad girl (2010)

The bad girl is on the fourth studio album, Matangi, by singer MIA (UK), who first appeared on Vicki Leekx in 2010. On the catchy electronic music platform, the lyrics revolve around women having to control themselves. and live the life you want.

The song received many positive reviews from critics. In 2012, the MV Bad Girl won the Best Director and Film Award at the MTV Video Music Award. In 2013, the song was nominated for a Grammy for music videos and recently, the song entered the top best song of the year 2010 by Pitchfork.

Run the World (Girls) (2011)

After the success of Independent Woman (2000), Single Lady (But a Ring on it) (2008) and Diva (2009), Run the World (Girl) is Beyonce’s next song about feminism.

The song was released on April 21, 2011, being the singer’s first single for the fourth studio album. The chorus “Who runs the world? /MTV News rated Run the World (Girl) as “a vibrant song with feminist lyrics harmonizing the tunes of nightclubs”. The song received the “Outstanding Choreography Video” award at the MTV Video Music Award in the same year it was released.

Born this way (2011)

Harpers Bazaar magazine commented on Lady Gaga’s song: “Feminism is more than just cheering on women. With this iconic song, Gaga also inspires various fates in the LGBT community, helping them. towards a better life “.

Born this way is the title track and also the first single from the second female studio album ablum. The combination of electronic music and Dance-pop brought the catchy melody, helping the song topped the iTunes charts in 23 countries after only 24 hours of release.

Girl on Fire (2012)

Included in Alicia Keys’ fifth studio album, the song celebrates the accomplishments of women everywhere – girls who are passionate about any job. Since its debut (2012), the song has received a lot of positive comments and ranked in the top 10 of many music charts in countries: Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan … dong was nominated for the 2013 Billboard Music Award for “Best R&B Song”. To date, Girl on Fire is one of the best-selling singles of all time.