Enjoy Your Summertime at 6 World-Famous Water Parks

Enjoy Your Summertime at 6 World-Famous Water Parks

What’s more refreshing in the hot summer days than being immersed in a cool space? Choose for yourself and your family 1 in 6 world famous water parks to enjoy relaxing moments.

1. Water Country (USA)

Located in New Hampshire, USA, Water Country was introduced in 1984 and recently awarded as the largest, cleanest, safest and most friendly water park in New England. This is one of the few water parks in the country that allows tourists to camp in the surrounding areas.

The water park has a children’s playground area, high-speed slide and a family water playground area. It is also famous for its whirlpools, intense waterfalls and wild canyons. Visitors to this place are provided with a wide selection of 18 major attractions and 47 different resort facilities.

2. Las Cascadas (Puerto Rico)

Known as the largest water park in the Caribbean, Las Cascadas Water Park offers some great attractions for both children and adults. One of the main attractions is the CrazyRiver which is an artificial river built to compete with natural fast flowing rivers. Its wave pool also has to simulate the waves of the sea.

The children’s pool area in Las Cascadas is very suitable for kids’ speed and height, while water and Bomb tunnels are the most popular attractions for most adults. Since its opening in 1985, Las Cascadas is one of the most visited parks in Puerto Rico.

3. Schlitterbahn (USA)

Operating in New Braunfels, Texas, USA, Schlitterbahn Resort is a water park starting from a simple river getaway called Landa Resort. Over the years, the facility has grown when it began to have new waterslides and pools for its customers. Since 1998, Schlitterbahn has received awards from various awards for agencies for its beauty. The main attraction of this water park is Boogie Bahn 2 and experience the sea trips that it offers to tourists. It also creates sea tours for its customers where they can see underwater with diving helmets.