Christmas Songs…With A Difference

Christmas Songs…With A Difference

Ahh Christmas, a time to put your feet up, roast some chestnuts on an open fire and sing carols with the family, at least that’s what people seem to think happens during this festive season, but does it really? Maybe in old 50’s movies, but here at Kolekto we’re almost certain it doesn’t.

So, to stray away from the usual stereotypes, I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide into a selection of Christmas songs that are shall I say, a little different from the norm. If you’re bored of the usual, have a look below to get ready for your alternative Christmas.

Blink 182 – ‘Happy Holidays, You Bas*ard

Full to the brim with explicit lyrics and references to masturbation, this is an old school Blink song with a reference to what most of us always forget to do – wrap presents in time for Christmas. Who’d have thought you could relate to a song such as this? It’s certainly a change from ‘Jingle Bells’, and your parents wouldn’t appreciate if it popped up during the Christmas playlist, however it’s an absolute cracker! (sorry…)

The Ramones – ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)

One of the more humbling songs on this list, The Ramones manage to fuse their fast punk rock melodies into a song with a warm message which is to let all those arguments slide and to not fight during Christmas. Awww… But seriously, a really catchy song with an awesome music video. This needs to be on your iPod and blasted out at Christmas parties.

Run DMC – ‘Christmas In Hollis

Who doesn’t love Run DMC? If not, I’ll silently judge you. Either way, they made one of their own Christmas-themed songs and better yet, it appears in Die Hard. Run DMC’s take on the festive season is somewhat unique and if you listen to the lyrics properly, you should have a good laugh, for example “When I seen a man chilling with his dog at the park. I approached them very slowly with my heart full of fear
.Looked at his dog, oh my God, a illin’ reindeer.” The video is an absolute must-watch too, especially for the elf at the beginning…

Fountains of Wayne – ‘I Want An Alien For Christmas

Why settle for an ugly pair of Christmas socks or a present you never wanted in the first place when you could have an Alien sat under your tree. Well, you can at least ask and see what happens. It appears Fountains of Wayne want an Alien to share the holidays with and who can blame them? It would be absolutely amazing…

Bad Religion – ‘White Christmas

Released on a compilation of Christmas covers, Bad Religion’s version of ‘White Christmas’ is definitely as far away from the original as it should be. It sounds like The Ramones stepped into the studio as well, especially during the opening guitar riff. Now, Bad Religion aren’t known for their strong belief in the true meaning of Christmas, and it shows in this song as it feels like one big parody. If you want alternative, this is it.

The Arrogant Worms – “Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day

Initially, the overall sound of this song sounds like a feel-good Christmas tune, but when you really listen to the lyrics, you’ll soon realise it’s about something a bit more sinister. Vomit, disease and infection – this song has it all, just the sort of thing you’d associate with Christmas, right? It’s all good fun and is worth listening to whilst reading the lyrics as they’re both funny and a bit disturbing. Perfect.


The Vandals – ‘My First Xmas As A Woman

If Christmas songs with a difference has a definition, it should be this song here. The Vandals, best known for their strange yet hilarious lyrics, took on holiday season themselves with a very unique song about someone who seemingly turns into a woman for Christmas.


 The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Christmastime

This actually sounds like a traditional Christmas song, what with the jingle bells and piano melodies, it’s not until the ghostly vocals of Billy Corgan kick in that you realise this isn’t just a Christmas song, it’s a Smashing Pumpkins Christmas song, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s different, mellow, slow and calming – perfect for the winding down moments during those festive parties.


The Ravers – ‘It’s Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas This Year

Whilst many believe this song was done by The Sex Pistols, it was a song by The Ravers, who just want Christmas to be filled with punk rock, and why not? References to Johnny Ramone, The Damned, Mick Jagger, and of course safety pins, this is one of those songs that’s intended to be fun and upbeat, giving you the perfect alternative listening this year.

There you have it – your very own Kolekto Christmas playlist, containing songs that you wouldn’t normally hear around the holiday season, making for an exciting set of tunes that are sure to shock most, so maybe keep some of these to yourself, as opposed to blasting them at the annual family Christmas party. Unless you wanna spice things up a little…