An Interview with: Pierre Henry of Auguste

Auguste is the Paris based streetwear/gallery/cuisine independent set for huge recognition in the very near future. Their ever growing reputation is nothing short of deserved after providing the local punters with an exclusive shopping experience that big household names could only dream of delivering. With a new website now live they certainly are a store to keep an eye out for throughout 2014 and the following years.

Pierre Henry is the owner of Auguste and he was nice enough to catch up with us to deliver his most in depth interview yet! We talk Paris, fashion and Sheffield’s own Kid Acne..

So Pierre, It’s great to talk to you today, how are you doing? Keeping Busy?

Doing good, busy of course with a lot of work at AUGUSTE : we have lots of projects on the plate including a new team and menu for the restaurant, the 5th anniversary of the store and the new version of our webstore…

Pierre you are the owner of Auguste, when did you first get the vision to open a store and how did you go about making it a reality?

My partners and I had been traveling the world quite a lot and we realized how renown and positive the image of Paris was internationally. We spent a few years abroad and when we came back to our beloved city, we got back into the scene like we’d never left.
The thing in France is that most of the people think that the grass is always greener elsewhere, and there’s not much support for local initiatives. In the “street” fashion world for example, everybody here looks up to New York, LA, London or Tokyo when most of the world looks up to Paris. Having so many talents in our close networks, from music to fashion to graffiti to photography, we decided to represent our city and help promote their works.
That’s how the vision of a space to gather and federate everybody came to mind, a space that will have a distinct and very French name.

For those who unaware, and for the overseas readers, could you tell us what Auguste is all about?

AUGUSTE is a concept store, gallery & canteen located in the Bastille area, Paris’ Lower East Side. AUGUSTE provides all the street culture freshness, from streetwear to sneakers, caps, music, jewels, books, magazines, markers, accessories and art… Offering a sharp selection of the best local, European and international brands, our place gathers the City’s artistic scene and attracts countless tourists and celebrities.
We also program numerous events and performances in the gallery and in the canteen. AUGUSTE supports French creativity and local artists / entrepreneurs. We therefore also collaborate with various selected underground brands and help distribute the works of some talented French artists and DJs. Following this principle, we have released 2 critically-acclaimed music compilations (AUGUSTE compilation numero 1 & 2). They contain original tracks from local artists carefully selected by DJ Gero (our beloved ‘music director’ and one of the best French turntable masters). Among all this and some other projects that you will soon hear about, we’ve also been organizing parties in the best clubs in Paris with our AUGUSTE DJ Squad (Gero, Dirty Swift, Saint Pierre) and some brilliant guests.
And of course AUGUSTE is also a restaurant, ‘La Cantine d’AUGUSTE’, where you’ll get freshness in your plate with the friendliest service in town!

You have your own Auguste TV, does that just cover your own in-store events or does it reach further than that?

AUGUSTE TV is really just showing the films made during our events or when some people come to film their video clips or interviews in the store.

On your website you have your ‘Wall of Fame’ page. On there is Kid Acne from Sheffield who we are big fans of, how did that opportunity arise?

Well, we’re also big fans of Eddy’s work as we think he embodies quite well the spirit of our store (I mean, even if he’s a rosbeef haha), mixing music and graphical / graffiti talent. We got the connection with him through our mutual friends from Etudes (formerly Hixsept), and actually we had him play at a party we organized in Barcelona for the Bread and Butter tradeshow, at the very beginning of AUGUSTE. He lived in Paris for a while so it was cool to see him here and there…

There are many other musicians on the Wall of Fame, how important is it that as a store you interact with people from different industries?

AUGUSTE is a cultural hotspot, so wether you’re into music or visual arts or fashion or photography or what not, you can dig something you’ll like. Plus we’re very open minded so everybody’s welcome…

Paris is a huge city, with a few shops are aimed at a similar audience, how do you make sure you offer something different to your neighbours?

In my own opinion, I think there is a very limited number of shops for such a big city if your compare to other big capital cities. That being said, I think that every shop here has its own flavor and that there are enough brands and products for each of us to offer something different. Plus we at AUGUSTE are friends with most of them so really everything’s smooth. We even call each others to send some customers by if we don’t have the right size or the right product.

You’ve stocked the Be@arbrick collab on the G shock as well as having a gallery to Auguste’s name, how important was it that you merged both the fashion world and the art world together?

That’s just the way we live, the way we are and the way we work. Street culture is not just about art or music or fashion. We’re into connecting people.

Many people look towards Paris as the fashion capital, would you say that is true? Where do you look for your own inspiration?

Paris is definitely one of the fashion capital cities and our biggest source of inspiration. But thanks to the Internet we can also have a look at what’s going on in the States, in Japan, in London, etc.

How would you describe the scene that is happening in Paris right now?

There’s a lot going on right now in Paris so I’d say the scene is super active. New brands pop up every year, new artists explode and there are more and more bridges between the streets and the French luxury brands.

And now for the future! What plans do you have to take Auguste forward?

As mentioned before, we hope to expand our online sales and keep working on establishing AUGUSTE as one of France’s top stores. We have also plenty of projects coming up but they are confidential so I can’t say much about them at the moment, stay tuned through our social networks or our website.

Finally, favourite Parisian brand?

Poyz N Pirlz and Qhuit.
Thank You

You can check out the new website for Auguste at