6ACRE Kicks III, Manchester

Saturday 26th April saw Kolekto attend Manchester’s 6ACRE Kicks for the first ever time. We’ve always heard positive things at sneaks&peaks about the north biggest sneaker convention. Being from the north it’s almost a sin that it’s took me three events before I attended, thankfully though I finally made it and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Stood outside waiting for the entry I had a middle aged woman stop next to me and fairly aggressively ask, “What are all these lot doing here?” to which I replied “There’s a trainer convention going on, traders from across the country come together to sell, buy and talk about footwear.” Her response was a short one, “Pffft. Kids these days.” As she walked off shaking her head without saying goodbye, a thought hit me, is there really a decline in our generation compared to those before us? Of course not. For not a single other person that day shook their head as they walked away from me without saying a simple goodbye, rather, complete strangers are happy to stand and chat. Sure, sneakers are sold on days like this, but more importantly friends are made.

TThe week prior to the event things looked a bit shaky for the 6ACRE team as their new venue, the ‘Old Granada Studios’ became a no-go. You’d probably forgive the lads for postponing an event that loses its venue just 7 days before, but the 6ACRE team had no intention of cancelling. Instead they called up old friends at Unity Radio HQ (the previous venue) and made an impressive three storey den of hard to find kicks embedded with some talented artists representing their passion and the product that surely only god could send down to this muddy planet, Liquidproof.

The venue admittedly is pretty difficult to find, and extra customers would have surely been gained by a switch to the Old Granada Studios but this didn’t stop punters turning up in large numbers ready to search high and low for those must have sneaks.

6ACRE showed throughout the day the in the face of adversity they can still come out strong, providing a day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It would be easy to make direct comparisons to the likes of sneaks&peaks to pick out positives and negatives compared to one or the other, but frankly that’s not what these events are about. These events aren’t about who can do it the best, it’s about having a good time. One of the stalls at 6ACRE was from Crepe City, the country’s biggest and most successful sneaker convention, there is no rivalry here, where other industries may be concerned about “a team up north doing what we’re doing” there is only a brotherhood and friendship that shines through.

Dean Tymon and Tom Byram are the 6acre team, they can be exceptionally proud of what they’ve achieved, pulling in some familiar faces from the sneaks&peaks events such as April’s Kicks, Ropes Laces, Size 8 UK and the impressive Liquidproof, but there was also enough Manchester locals to keep it fresh and give it that northern swag. One of the top stalls was in the upstairs room and featured work from an illustrator that we featured nearly one year previously. That table belongs to Stephanie Morris who’s intricate and detailed sketches of various trainers caught the eye of many. It’s great to see the progress from someone who we previously tipped to do big things!

 As always we have a full selection of photos on our facebook page and you can watch our recap video below.