5 Scandinavian Brands That Should Pack Your Wardrobe

Scandinavia is a region which is certainly enjoying its spot at the top of the fashion industry right now, but where’s it come from? Sure we’ve always been aware of the odd Scandinavian brand here or there, but why the explosion in recent years? Why have our eyes been opened to the immaculate design and craftsmanship of our dear Scandinavians?

Well, this article unfortunately isn’t going to answer them questions. What we can do though is bring you 5 brands that have been fundamental to the rise of Scandinavia’s profile. Naturally with so many great brands this is a difficult decision, an almost impossible decision one might think, but it’s been achieved and five brands were decided upon!


5. Wood Wood

In 2002 three designers wanted to create a collaboration and make some classic timeless pieces of clothing. 12 years later and Wood Wood has evolved into one of the top Danish brands, with stockists all across the globe. Known for creating their timeless classics with a twist, Wood Wood have asserted themselves as one of the go-to brands right now.

Highlight: Crew Neck Sweats, they’re crazy comfy.

4. Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn possess some of the greatest and strangest promo video’s of any brand, ever. Everything about Han Kjøbenhavn screams attitude, right from their outlandish trippy short films to their elderly gentleman modelling their gear. They combine this Danish worker rowdiness with the more classical Danish approach of timeless pieces. It’s a mix that works perfectly and has allowed Han Kjøbenhavn to leap to it’s well deserved recognition.

Highlight: Eyewear, some of the best sunglasses you can get your hands on.

3. Norse Projects

Another label that focuses on all things Danish, workwear with an attention to detail. Norse Projects began its mission of what seems like world dominance in the fashion world from its home at the Norse Store. Norse Store is located in a wonderful located right in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a locals favourite, as well as becoming a global favourite. Norse Projects has become synonymous with quality and there’s no sign of their popularity fading. It truly is a brand that make nothing but well thought through and well made products, and that’s evident for everyone to see.

Highlight: Headwear, a strong selection of beanies and five panel caps.

2. Nudie

Swedish denim brand Nudie founded in 2001, with a simple aim: declare its love for denim. In their 13 year history Nudie have developed a reputation for producing some of the best raw denim at extremely affordable prices. They’re ideal for first time raw denim buyers, or seasoned raw denim lovers with both affordable non-selvage and selvage on offer. Their website is filled with striking images of faded denim and has plenty of guidance to help you along your journey with your latest pair of jeans.

Highlight: Thin Finn Selvage Denim Jeans.

1. Our Legacy

Founded in 2005 Our Legacy epitomise everything that is Scandinavian. It’s classical timeless pieces of clothing made in an impeccable manner with a relaxed but still well fitting silhouette. On top of that, they’re shirts are insane. Not ‘Mel Gibson’ insane, but more like ‘Nic Cage’ insane, you know it’s so wacky it makes you look twice and you can’t help but love it. The colours and patterns are second to none whilst the durability and fit mean they’re ideal for any occasion.
You really have to own a piece of Our Legacy to understand, so let me say no more, and allow you to wander to your local boutique to buy some clobber.

Highlight: Shirts. All of the shirts.

There you have it, five Scandinavian brands to keep you going, and you know what? Not only do all of these brands provide incredible clothing, I’ve just given you a different item for each brand. So do yourself a favour, go and buy a full Scandi outfit. It might make you as cool as Zlatan, but probably not…


Honourable Mentions
S.N.S Herning